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9A 91

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Type  Carbine
In service  1993-present
Place of origin  Russia
Designed  1991
Used by  Russian Police and Federal Security Service
Designer  KBP Instrument Design Bureau

The 9A-91 is a carbine assault rifle currently in use with Russian police forces.

The 9A-91 is a gas operated, rotating bolt weapon, which utilizes a long stroke gas piston, located above the barrel, and a rotating bolt with 4 lugs. The receiver is made from steel stampings; the forend and pistol grip are made from polymer. The steel buttstock folds up and above the receiver when not in use. The charging handle is welded to the right side of bolt carrier. The safety / fire selector lever is located at the left side of the receiver, above the trigger guard, and allows for semi- and full-automatic fire. The flip-up rear sight has settings for 100 and 200 meters range, but the relatively short sight base and steep trajectory of the subsonic bullet effectively restricts the 9A91 to ranges of about 100 meters.

The VSK-94 is a sniper rifle based on the 9A-91.


  •  Russia
  •  Mongolia
  •  Belarus
  •  Syria
  •  Kyrgyzstan
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