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911 Battalion (SWATF)

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Active  1977
Allegiance  South Africa
Type  Infantry
Country  Namibia,  South Africa
Branch  South African Army,
911 Battalion (SWATF)
Part of  South West African Territorial Force

911 Battalion was part of 91 South West African Brigade.



This unit was formed in 1977 situated sixty kilometres south of Windhoek at Oamites an old disused copper mine. 911 Battalion was made up of various ethnic groups from SWA, such as Hereros, Damaras, Tswanas, Basters and Coloureds. 911 Battalion became known as "Swing Force" due to its ability to operate as a conventional unit or as a Counter-insurgency (COIN) unit. It recruited from South-West Africa at large and deployed predominantly as a reserve force. An infantry element, a mechanised contingent, artillery, and a regiment of Eland armoured cars was included. The unit was never mobilised en masse.

911 Battalion was part of 91 Brigade.

Operational Area

The Battalions main operational area was Owamboland, via Oshivello, about two hundred kilometres south of the SWA/Angola border. On entering the Oshivello gate, soldiers had passed over the so-called `red line' which meant in effect that they were officially on the border and in the operational area.

Role of Honour

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