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8th Infantry Division (Philippines)

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Country  Philippines
Type  Infantry
Branch  Philippine Army
8th Infantry Division (Philippines)
Active  January 03, 1942 - June 30, 1946 (as 8th Infantry Division, PCA) August 1, 1988 - Present
Role  Conventional Warfare, Anti-Guerrilla Operations
Size  3 Brigades, 10 Battalions. Total is 5000+ soldiers

The 8th Infantry Division, Philippine Army, known officially as the Storm Trooper Division, is one of the Philippine Army's Infantry units in the Visayas and under the AFP Central Command, combating Local Communist Units, and terrorists.



After the Second World War, The 8th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army is a known officially as the Stormtroopers Division was founding establishment on August 1, 1988 and they stationed and headquarters in Camp General Vicente Lukban, Catbalogan City, Samar. The local government soldiers and officers under the 8th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army was sending the combat operations in the Visayas region and the engagements of the Anti-Communist Operations and helping aided and supported of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine National Police and the CAFGU militia forces against the communist rebels of the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People's Army (CPP-NPA) and other local crinimal elements.

During the Operation Enduring Freedom in the Philippines under the War on Terrorism and the Islamic Insurgency in Mindanao, Southern Philippines. The local government troops of the Philippine Army 8th Infantry "Storm Trooper" Division was sending the clearing combat operations in Mindanao on Southern Philippines and the engagements of the Anti-Islamic and Counter-Terrorism operations and helping aided and supporting of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine National Police, the CAFGU militia forces and the U.S. Armed Forces to fought against the Islamic rebels and bandits of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) and Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) and other local crinimal elements.


The 8th Infantry (Storm Trooper) Division, Philippine Army often conducts Internal Security Operations (ISO) in their Area of Responsibility (AOR) to dismantle and destroy the remaining guerrilla fronts of the Local Communist Movement (LCM) in order to attain peace and stability conducive to sustainable development in assisting the Philippine government in its socio-economic development projects; and assists the Philippine National Police curb criminality in the Visayas Region.

Lineage of Commanding Officers

  • Brigadier General Isagani T. Delos Santos AFP (26 May 1986–31 March 1988)
  • Brigadier General Federico E. Ruiz Jr AFP (31 March 1988–27 March 1990)
  • Brigadier General Romulo F. Yap AFP (27 March 1990–10 January 1992)
  • Brigadier General Ruperto A. Ambil AFP (10 June 1992–12 April 1994)
  • Brigadier General Danilo P. Olay AFP (12 March 1994–15 March 1996)
  • Brigadier General Romeo B. Tarrayo AFP (4 April 1996–15 January 1998)
  • Major General Arturo B. Carrillo AFP (15 January 1998–6 November 1999)
  • Major General Rufo A. De Veyra AFP (6 November 1999–7 July 2001)
  • Major General Romeo B. Dominguez AFP (6 July 2001–10 February 2003)
  • Major General Glenn J. Rabonza AFP (10 February 2003–4 January 2005)
  • Brigadier General Bonifacio B. Ramos AFP (4 January 2005–10 February 2005)
  • Major General Jovito S. Palparan Jr. AFP (10 February 2005–25 August 2005)
  • Major General Bonifacio B. Ramos AFP (25 August 2005–29 July 2006)
  • Brigadier General Randy S. Dauz AFP (29 July 2006–16 August 2006)
  • Major General Rodrigo F. Maclang AFP (16 August 2006–15 January 2007)
  • Major General Armando L. Cunanan AFP (15 January 2007–19 May 2008)
  • Brigadier General Allan Ragpala AFP (19 May 2008–4 June 2008)
  • Brigadier General Arthur I. Tabaquero AFP (4 June 2008–24 August 2010)
  • Major General Mario F. Chan AFP (24 August 2010–8 April 2012)
  • Major General Gerardo T. Layug AFP (8 April 2012–TO DATE)
  • Subordinate Units

    Stormtroopers Division of Battalions

  • 14th Infantry (Avenger) Battalion
  • 19th Infantry (Commando) Battalion
  • 20th Infantry (We Lead) Battalion
  • 34th Infantry (Reliable) Battalion
  • 43rd Infantry (We Search) Battalion
  • 46th Infantry (Peace Makers) Battalion
  • 52nd Infantry (Catch 'Em) Battalion
  • 62nd Infantry (Unifier) Battalion
  • 63rd Infantry (Innovator) Battalion
  • 78th Infantry (Warrior) Battalion
  • 87th Infantry (Hinirang) Battalion
  • Operations

  • Government Arsenal
  • Anti-guerrilla operations against the New People's Army
  • Operation Enduring Freedom - Philippines.
  • Office of the Civil Defense
  • References

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