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8th Guards Mountain Motor Rifle Brigade

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Active  2009–present
Branch  Russian Ground Forces
Role  Mountain infantry
Country  Russia
Type  Motorized Infantry
Size  brigade
8th Guards Mountain Motor Rifle Brigade

The 8th Mountain Motor Rifle Brigade is a formation of the Russian Ground Forces.

In 2014–2015 brigade's units participated in the War in Donbas.


Previously the brigade was active in Transdnestr after the deactivation of the 59th Guards Motor Rifle Division. It was formed on 1 June 1997 from the division, and disbanded on 1 November 2002.

The current formation traces its history from a premiere tank regiment of the storied 2nd Guards Tamanskaya Motor Rifle Division. In 2009 the 1st Guards Tank Regiment ("1-й гвардейский Чертковский Краснознамённый дважды ордена Ленина, орденов Суворова, Кутузова и Богдана Хмельницкого танковый полк имени маршала бронетанковых войск М. Е. Катукова"), descended from the 1st Guards Tank Brigade (ru:1-я гвардейская танковая бригада) formed in World War II, became the 8th Guards Motor Rifle Brigade.

In August 2014 the brigade's units fought in the Battle of Ilovaisk. On 26 August a column of mixed 8th Mountain Brigade and 31st Air Assault Brigade units was ambushed by a Ukrainian anti-tank artillery squad of the 51st Mechanized Brigade near Mnohopillya village. Three Russian armored vehicles were destroyed (2 MTLB-VMK's and a MTLB-6M). A wounded soldier of 8th Mountain Brigade was captured: Aleksandr Desyatov. A wounded soldier of the 8th brigade was reported being sent to Kiev for medical treatment after his armor vehicle was destroyed in a fight.

According to Sutyagin, 8th brigade's units fought in winter battles 2015 in Donbass.


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