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8th Corps (Yugoslav Partisans)

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Country  Yugoslavia
Type  Infantry
Part of  4th Army
Branch  Yugoslav Partisan Army
Size  Corps
8th Corps (Yugoslav Partisans)
Active  7 October 1943– 2 March 1945

The 8th Dalmatian Shock Corps (Serbo-Croatian: 8. dalmatinski korpus) was a corps of the Yugoslav Partisans formed on 7 October 1943. It was formed from the 9th, 19th, 20th, and 26th Dalmatian divisions. Upon creation it had 13,049 soldiers. The corps operated in the Independent State of Croatia, Governorate of Dalmatia, and Adriatic Littoral, where they fought Italians, Chetniks, the Ustaše, and Germans.

On 30 November 1944 the 8th Dalmatian Corps, without the military command, had 34,548 soldiers, out of which 25,127 were Croats, 4,806 Serbs, 236 Muslims, 61 Jews, and 4,318 others, mostly Slovenes and Montenegrins.

The 8th Corps participated in the liberation of Dalmatia, Herzegovina, Western Bosnia, Istria, Kvarner, Lika, Slovenian Littoral, and Trieste. Upon liberation of Knin in December 1944, the corps was named Udarni ('shock'), while the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Dalmatian Strike Brigades received the Order of the People's Hero. On 2 March 1945 the corps became part of the 4th Army of the Yugoslav Partisans, together with the 7th and 11th Corps, while having 45,524 soldiers.


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