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8 cm Flz. Rakete Oerlikon

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Place of origin  Switzerland
Used by  Swiss Air Force
Manufacturer  Oerlikon-Bührle
In service  until 1991
Designed  1947 - 1952
8 cm Flz.-Rakete Oerlikon
Type  Unguided air-to-surface rocket

The Oerlikon-Bührle 8 cm Flz.-Rakete Oerlikon (8 cm aircraft roket) is an 80-mm rocket produced in Switzerland by Oerlikon-Buehrle. Developed from 1947 to 1952 and used until 1991 by the Swiss Air Force under the name Oe85.


The rocket consists essentially of three parts:

  • The drive unit with the solid roket fuel inside and four tail fins and two mounting devices with which the rocket is attached to the weapon carrier.
  • The warhead, Optional is a high-explosive fragmentation and hollow-charge or for training an inert warhead.
  • The impact fuze.
  • From the rocket exists also a "Manipulier" (training / inert)version, they have no explosives and no rocket propellant, however, are identical to the real missile in the shape, aerodynamic and weight. It was used on the fighter aircraft of the type de Havilland Venom and Hawker Hunter. The use of FFA P-16 was planned, it was only at the testing to the P-16 prototypes because these aircraft are not manufacture in series. For the missiles, there were three different weapons carrier / Pylons:

  • Pylon for a single rocket
  • Pylon for two rockets in tandem
  • Pylon for four missiles on each pylon side in tandem
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