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7th Level

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Former type  Defunct
Founded  1993
Defunct  1998
Ceased operations  1998
7th Level iimgurcom5HX4fjpg
Industry  Computer and video game industry
Key people  George Grayson Bob Ezrin Scott Page
Headquarters  Dallas, Texas, United States
Video games  G‑Nome, Ace Ventura: The CD, Monty Python & the Quest, Monty Python's Complete, Battle Beast

7th level defunct game developers in 5 games pt 88

7th Level was a video game development company based in Dallas, Texas and founded in 1993. The company was most famous for developing the three Monty Python games (with the aid of Python member Eric Idle), G-Nome (1997) — a MechWarrior-style game, for publishing Helicops (1997) — an anime-inspired arcade-style aerial combat game, and for Tracer — a game of hacking distributed computer systems for cash using a virtual avatar in the design of Neuromancer, Shadowrun, or Snowcrash styled virtual worlds.

7th Level announced their intention to merge with Pulse Entertainment on November 17, 1997 to create P7 Solutions — an integrated solutions company. The distribution rights for the three Monty Python games were acquired by Panasonic Interactive Media the next day, ending 7th Level's involvement with game development and publishing. The announced merger between 7th Level and Pulse Entertainment was later canceled in April of the following year.

Before ceasing all game development, 7th Level had begun working on another title, named Dominion: Storm Over Gift 3. The partially completed game was sold to Ion Storm to finish development.


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