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70 Virginis

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ARICNS  data
Constellation  Virgo
Magnitude  5
Apparent magnitude (V)  5
70 Virginis 70 Virginis
Similar  70 Virginis b, 61 Virginis, 47 Ursae Majoris, 51 Pegasi, Delta Virginis

70 Virginis (abbreviated 70 Vir) is the Flamsteed designation of a yellow dwarf star approximately 59 light-years away in the constellation Virgo. It is rather unusually bright for its spectral type and may be just starting to evolve into the subgiant phase.

70 Virginis 70 Virginis

In 1996, 70 Virginis was discovered to have an extrasolar planet in orbit around it. There is also a dust disc with a maximum temperature of 153 K located at a minimum distance of 3.4 AU from the star.

70 Virginis 70 Virginis b pointofno23
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70 Virginis 70 Virginis
70 Virginis APOD January 30 1996 70 Virginis b A New Water Planet
70 Virginis Hvzdy Exoplanety 70 Virginis


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