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7.5 cm kanon PL vz. 37

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Type  Anti-aircraft gun
In service  1937–1950?
Designer  Škoda Works
Place of origin  Czechoslovakia
Wars  World War II
7.5 cm kanon PL vz. 37
Used by  Czechoslovakia  Nazi Germany  Kingdom of Italy  Finland

The 7.5 cm kanon PL vz. 37 (Anti-aircraft Gun Model 37) was a Czech anti-aircraft gun used in the Second World War. Those weapons captured after the German occupation of Czechoslovakia in March 1939 were taken into Wehrmacht service as the 7.5 cm Flak M 37(t) or Flak Skoda. The Germans sold many of them to Italy where they were designated as the Cannone da 75/49 or 75/50. Surviving guns were taken back into German service after Italy's surrender in 1943. 20 were sold to the Finns in November 1940. Twelve were in Luftwaffe service between April and September 1944.


The gun had a semi-automatic, vertical sliding block breech that automatically ejected the cartridge case after firing, but had to be hand-loaded for the next shot. It had a standard hydro-pneumatic recoil system and a muzzle brake. It could fire a 6.5 kilograms (14 lb) armor-piercing shell for direct fire. It was intended for motor towing as it rode on a two-axle carriage with pneumatic wheels, but could be towed by horses if necessary. The side legs of the cruciform mount folded for transport.


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