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63 Ophiuchi

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Magnitude  6.2
Apparent magnitude (V)  6.2
Constellation  Sagittarius
63 Ophiuchi
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63 Ophiuchi is an O-type giant star in the constellation Sagittarius, despite its name. During a 2009 survey for companions of massive stars, it was observed using speckle interferometry but no companion was found. Uncertain negative parallax measurements of –0.77 ± 0.40 mas suggest that this extremely luminous star may be located about 4000 light-years away. An estimate of the distance based on the strength of the Ca II line yields a more modest value of 2,605 ly (799 pc). The star lies only 0.3° north of the galactic plane.

In 1983, astronomers from the Sternberg Astronomical Institute in Moscow, Russia identified a faint, shell-shaped nebula surrounding the star that was being excited by the star's energy. Named Sharpless 22, this ring-shaped nebula has a double-shell structure with an inner envelope spanning 45–50′ (9–18 pc), surrounded by a diffuse envelope some 65–80′ (14–29 pc) across. At an estimated mass loss rate of (6–8) × 10−6 M/yr, it would take the star about (1–5) × 105 years to produce such a nebula from the outflow of its stellar wind.


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