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62 Reserve Infantry Battalion (Ireland)

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Active  2005 - Present
Branch  Army Reserve
Role  Light Role
Country  Ireland
Type  Infantry
Size  Battalion
62 Reserve Infantry Battalion (Ireland)

The 62 Reserve Infantry Battalion was an Infantry Battalion in the Irish Reserve Defence Forces (RDF).


Unit Heritage

The 62 Reserve Infantry battalion was formed from the 20 and the 21 Infantry battalions of the FCÁ after the re-organization of the Reserve Defence Forces in 2005. Individual sub units of the 20 Battalion had a rich history, such as D company which traced its roots from the original Regiment of Pearse. The 21 Battalion's Flash Bore the name and coat of arms of "The Wicklow Chief" Michael Dwyer.

Location and Operations

The 62 Reserve Infantry battalion was split up into six companies. A Coy - Casement Aerodrome (West Dublin). B Coy - Cathal Brugha Barracks, Rathmines, HQ Coy - Bray (County Wicklow). C Coy- County Wicklow. D Coy & Support Coy - Cathal Brugha Barracks, Rathmines.

In the RDF re-organisation of 2013, the 62 Inf Bn was itself wound up (along with all other RDF units) as part of the new 'Single Force Concept', with members given the choice of either exiting service or transfer into new RDF sub-units integrated into PDF formations. The successor Infantry unit is the new 7 Inf Bn (itself a PDF re-org amalgamation of 2 Inf Bn and 5 Inf Bn).


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