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6 inch howitzer M1908

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Type  Heavy howitzer
In service  1910-1920
Wars  World War I
Place of origin  United States
Used by  United States
Designer  Bethlehem Steel
6-inch howitzer M1908

The 6 inch Howitzer, Model of 1908 was the standard American heavy howitzer before World War I. Forty-two of these weapons had been produced before 1917 and all were employed for training stateside in that war. For combat use in France the Canon de 155 C mle 1917 Schneider was purchased. All surviving weapons were retired during the 1920s.

It is unusual among American-designed field artillery weapons in that it has the recoil cylinder situated above the barrel. The 4.7-inch howitzer M1908/M1912 shared this feature. The 75 mm Gun M1917 also had this, but is based on the British Ordnance QF 18-pounder.

Ammunition was either common steel shell with a base fuze or shrapnel with a combination time/percussion fuze.


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