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55th Street (Manhattan)

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Maintained by  City of New York
Length  3.219 km
Location  New York
55th Street (Manhattan)
East end  Cul-de-sac east of Sutton Place South
West end  NY 9A (West Side Highway)

55th Street is a two-mile-long, one-way street traveling east to west across Midtown Manhattan.


Map of W 55th St, New York, NY, USA

Sutton Place South

  • The route officially begins at Sutton Place South which is on a hill overlooking FDR Drive.
  • Plaza 400 Apartments, 40-story 119 m/392 ft apartment building completed in 1967 (north)
  • First Avenue

  • Terrence Cardinal Cook Building (south)
  • Church of St. John the Evangelist (south)
  • Bristol Apartments, 33-story apartment building completed in 1973
  • Second Avenue

  • Brevard Apartments, 30-story apartments completed in 1981
  • Marymount Manhattan College Dormitory, 48-story, 144 m / 473 ft mixed apartment house and dormitory completed in 2001 (north)
  • 919 Third Avenue, 47-story 188 m / 615 ft building completed in 1971 (north)
  • P. J. Clarke's, antique tavern known for holding its own and remaining intact despite attempts to destroy it for 919 Third. (north)
  • Lexington Avenue

  • Central Synagogue
  • DLT Entertainment headquarters
  • Levin Institute
  • Park Avenue

  • Park Avenue Place, 38-story, 144 m 472 ft (144 m) office tower completed in 2004 (south)
  • Park Avenue Tower, 36-story 171 m 561 ft (171 m) office tower completed in 1987 with a distinctive pyramid roof (north)
  • Heron Tower, 96 m 314 ft (96 m), 25-story building completed in 1986
  • Madison Avenue

  • Sony Tower, 37-story 197 m 647 ft (197 m) building completed in 1984 originally to be the headquarters of AT&T (north)
  • Finland House, 38-story, 130 m 427 ft (130 m) office tower completed in 1970 (north)
  • The St. Regis Hotel
  • Fifth Avenue

  • The Peninsula New York, 21-story, 76 m 250 ft (76 m) hotel completed in 1905 (south)
  • Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church (north)
  • MGM Building, 35-story 127 m 416 ft (127 m) office tower completed in 1966 (south)
  • Sixth Avenue

  • Robert Indiana Love (sculpture) (south)
  • Capitol-EMI Building 34-story 143 m 470 ft (140 m) building (north)
  • 1345 Avenue of the Americas, 50 story, 191 m 625 ft (191 m) building completed in 1969 (south)
  • 125 West 55th Street (north)
  • New York City Center, theatre (north)
  • CitySpire Center (north), 75-story 248 m 814 ft (248 m) tower (tallest on street), north
  • The London NYC 54-floor 180 m 590 ft (180 m) tower completed in 1990 (south)
  • Hotel Wellington (north)
  • Seventh Avenue

  • Park Central Hotel, 25-story 109 m 357 ft (109 m) tower completed in 1926 most famous for mafia execution in the barber shop (north)
  • Dream Hotel (south)
  • Mutual of New York Building, 27-story 114 m 375 ft (114 m) building completed in 1950 whose sign inspired the song Mony, Mony
  • Broadway

  • Random House Tower, 52-story 208 m 684 ft (208 m) tower (north)
  • Former original location of Soup Nazi from Seinfeld
  • Ninth Avenue

  • Alvin Ailey Dance Hall (north)
  • Julia Miles Theatre (Off Broadway venue) (south)
  • Independent High School (north)
  • Tenth Avenue

  • Clinton Towers Apartments 39-story apartment completed in 1974
  • Twelfth Avenue/West Side Highway

    The road crosses a pedestrian island separating 12th Avenue from the West Side Highway (one of the few places where 12th and the West Side Highway are not the same). The route concludes at the West Side Highway (New York Route 9A). Opposite the intersection is the Hudson River


    55th Street (Manhattan) Wikipedia

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