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53rd Anti Aircraft Rocket Brigade

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Active  1961–present
Garrison/HQ  Kursk MUN 32406
Part of  20th Guards Army
53rd Anti-Aircraft Rocket Brigade
Country  Soviet Union (1961–1991)  Russia (1992–present)
Branch  Soviet Army (1961–1991) Russian Ground Forces (1992–present)
Type  Surface-to-air missile brigade

The 53rd Anti-Aircraft Rocket Brigade is a Surface-to-air missile brigade of the Russian Ground Forces. Part of the 20th Guards Army, the brigade is based at Kursk. The brigade has been reported by Bellingcat and CORRECT!V as providing the unit that shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.


The 268th Anti-Aircraft Rocket Regiment was formed in 1961 at Artik with the 7th Guards Army, equipped with the SA-2. On 1 October 1967 it was upgraded into the 53rd Anti-Aircraft Rocket Brigade. Around this time the brigade received the SA-4 Krug missile system. Between 20 December 1968 and 7 January 1969 it transferred to East Germany. The brigade became part of the 1st Guards Tank Army at Altenburg. On 1 October 1970 it transferred to the 20th Guards Army but returned to the 1st Guards Tank Army in 1984. The brigade included the 677th, 679th and 682nd Separate Anti-Aircraft Rocket Battalions, based at Altenburg, Merseburg and Zeitz, respectively. In November 1986 the 1578th Separate Anti-Aircraft Rocket Battalion was formed at Merseburg after the 677th moved to Wittenberg. At this time the brigade was reequipped with the SA-11 Buk missile system. In 1992, the brigade was withdrawn to Kursk and became part of the 20th Guards Army.

The brigade was reported by Bellingcat and CORRECT!V as providing the TELAR unit that shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 on 17 July 2014. According to Bellingcat's January 2016 investigation, the brigade's soldiers were involved in shooting down of the aircraft.


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