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4U 0142 61

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Magnitude  25.62
Apparent magnitude (V)  25.62
Constellation  Cassiopeia
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Similar  Lambda Cassiopeiae, SGR 1900+14, Chi Cassiopeiae, Psi Cassiopeiae, Sigma Cassiopeiae

4U 0142+61 is a magnetar at an approximate distance of 7004130000000000000♠13000 light-years from Earth, located in the constellation Cassiopeia.

In an article published in Nature on April 6, 2006, Deepto Chakrabarty et al. of MIT revealed that a circumstellar disk was discovered around the pulsar. This may prove that pulsar planets are common around neutron stars. The debris disk is likely to be composed of mainly heavier metals. The star had undergone a supernova event approximately 100,000 years ago. The disk orbits about 1.6 million kilometers away from the pulsar and probably contains about 10 Earth-masses of material.


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