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4 Pyridylnicotinamide

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Density  1.287 g/cm³
Related compounds  4,4'-bipyridine Pyridine Nicotinamide 4-Aminopyridine 3-Pyridylnicotinamide

4-Pyridylnicotinamide (4-PNA), also known as N-(pyridin-4-yl)nicotinamide, is a kinked dipodal dipyridine which was originally developed for use in chemotherapy. As in its isomer 3-pyridylnicotinamide, the nitrogen atoms on its pyridine rings can donate their electron lone pairs to metal cations, allowing it to bridge metal centers and act as a bidentate ligand in coordination polymers. It is synthesized through the reaction of nicotinoyl chloride and 4-aminopyridine.


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