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377 Campania

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Discovered by  Auguste Charlois
Alternative names  1893 AN
Observation arc  122.52 yr (44749 d)
Discovered  20 September 1893
Discoverer  Auguste Charlois
Discovery site  Nice Observatory
Discovery date  20 September 1893
Minor planet category  Main belt
Aphelion  2.9003 AU (433.88 Gm)
Orbits  Sun
Named after  Campania
Asteroid group  Asteroid belt
377 Campania
Similar  441 Bathilde, 360 Carlova, 375 Ursula, 423 Diotima, 345 Tercidina

377 Campania is a large main belt asteroid that was discovered by French astronomer Auguste Charlois on September 20, 1893 in Nice.

Photometric observations of this asteroid made at the Torino Observatory in Italy during 1990–1991 were used to determine a synodic rotation period of 8.507 ± 0.003 hours.


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