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28th Mechanized Brigade (Ukraine)

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Active  1942–present
Type  Mechanized Infantry
Branch  Ground Forces
Size  Brigade
28th Mechanized Brigade (Ukraine)
Country  Soviet Union (1930s–1991)  Ukraine (1991–present)
Part of  Operation Command South

The 28th Mechanized Brigade is a formation of the Ukrainian Ground Forces.

The original 28th Guards Rifle Division was formed during the Second World War from the 180th Rifle Division in May 1942. The division fought at Kharkov and Iași. It was with the 37th Army in Bulgaria in May 1945. During the 1980s, the then 28th Guards Motor Rifle Division was part of the 14th Guards Army headquartered at Kishinev, in the Moldovian SSR (Odessa Military District). After the fall of the Soviet Union it became part of the reorganised Ukrainian 6th Army Corps. After the 6th Army Corps was disbanded in 2013, the brigade became part of Operation Command South.

The brigade fought in the War in Donbass. On 22 August 2016, its Guards title was removed.


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