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2007–08 A1 Grand Prix of Nations, Malaysia

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Date  November 25, 2007
Time  1'48.630
Weather  Fine
2007–08 A1 Grand Prix of Nations, Malaysia
Location  Sepang International Circuit Sepang, Malaysia
Pole  Switzerland (Neel Jani)
1st  Switzerland (Neel Jani)

The 2007–08 A1 Grand Prix of Nations, Malaysia is an A1 Grand Prix race, to be held on November 25, 2007 at the Sepang International Circuit in Sepang, Malaysia. This will be the third meeting in the 2007-08 A1 Grand Prix season and the 50th start in the A1 Grand Prix history.



Swiss driver Rahel Frey was the second ever woman to enter in A1GP weekend, on Friday, during rookies sessions. Her compatriot Natacha Gachnang drove the rookies sessions in Czech round also in 2007.


Neel Jani cloked the best lap time of the weekend in the sprint race qualifications and improve this in the main race qualifications in 1'47.648. Swiss driver demonstrate his superiority in the Sepang circuit and take a double pole for Sunday races.

The Lebanese cars was found to be under the minimum weight limit during main race qualifying. A1 Team Lebanon start from the back of the grid (22nd), instead of 18th, because of the Chris Alajajian car was found 3 kg under the 705 kg minimum weight limit.

Sprint race

There is 29 °C and 78% humidity level on the star of the sprint race. In turn one, Canada lose one position and Great Britain and France suffer a collision together. The British driver was forced back to sixth place with damage to the front wing of his car. In the same first lap, China was hit by New Zealand and lost many places as a result. The Malaysian team experienced the best start, moving swiftly from 19th to 11th place.
In lap 3, China was stopped at the side of the track. Jonny Reid (New Zealand) took over sixth position from Oliver Jarvis (Great Britain) after a great move on the front straight in lap 5. In the next lap, Jeroen Bleekemolen (Netherlands) passed Adam Carroll (Ireland) for eighth.
In the final lap, Germany collide with Canada and get by for podium position. Switzerland secure the fastest lap crossing the finish line and winning the race, followed by France and Germany. Neel Jani dominated from start to finish the sprint race winning pole, fastest lap in 1'49.221 and victory.

Jeroen Bleekemolen was found to have jumped the rolling start, causing A1 Team Netherlands to be sanctioned by 25sec after the end of the race. The result moved them from 8th to 18th position, losing the three points they had originally scored. It is an equivalent time loss to serving a drive-through penalty.

A1 Team Germany was demoted from 3rd to 16th place after causing an avoidable collision during the morning's Sprint race. In the final lap, Michael Ammermüller collided Robert Wickens from Canada.

Both these demotions allowed Malaysia to score their first two points of the season and also allowed Wickens and his Canadian team to finish on the podium.

Main race

There is 32 °C and 66% of humidity for the second start of the Malaysian round. The two mandatories pit stop should occur between 8th and 14th laps and between 22nd and 30th laps.
At the first corner, a collision get involve Canada, USA, Portugal, China, Australia and Czech Republic. The Portuguese car stuck in the gravel. After a great start jumping ninth, Malaysia and New Zealand collide in the second lap. The both team must pass by stand. Robert Wickens (Canada) hits Adrian Zaugg (South Africa) while he tried to get his car back on track after spins out on lap 8, turn seven. The both driver retire and the safety car is out.
Meanwhile, Malaysia and New Zealand can catch up the end of the file after their collide on lap 2. The pit stop window is open and cars were stationary at the end of the pit lane with red light. On green light, Brazil got the better start behind Switzerland, Great Britain, France, Germany and Netherlands. The safety car go back and the race restart on lap 12. Oliver Jarvis (Great Britain) passes Neel Jani (Switzerland) into the second corner but the Swiss driver go by Jarvis and Loïc Duval sneaks by too. In lap 14, Brazil set the fastest lap. Switzerland catch up Brazil, New Zealand attempt to passes Pakistan but is well defending, Ireland make mistake and drops from seventh to 10th.
In lap 18, Enrico Toccacelo (Italy) is in the pit and renounce. In turn 2, lap 20, German rookie driver, Michael Ammermüller hit unfairly Great Britain and drops to 5th, Jarvis is now 6th. Germany receive a drive-through penalty. For lap 23, the pit lane is open for the second stops. Jeroen Bleekemolen (Netherlands) passes Loïc Duval (France) for 2nd place. In lap 25, Great Britain take the fast lap just before is pit stop where is too fast in the pit lane and receive a drive-through penalty. Switzerland set the fast lap at its turn. Again, at turn 2, lap 29, Michael Ammermüller collide unfairly Erik Janis (Czech Republic) and passes.
After second mandatory pit stop closed, Switzerland is behind Brazil and France. Mexico, Great Britain, USA and Australia are still battling for position. Great Britain gets by Mexico in lap 34 and Ian Dyk (Australia) passes Jonathan Summerton (USA) in final lap. Oliver Jarvis drops USA too.
The final top ten was: Switzerland, Brazil, France, Netherlands, China, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and Great Britain.

After the race, A1 teams Brazil and Great Britain were penalised to stay stationary at a red light during safety-car period on at the pit exit after their first mandatory pit stops. The both team have been retrogressed of 2 seconds to their total race time. Brazilian team lose one position (2nd to 3rd) and Great Britain lose 2 positions (10th to 12th) in their final feature race results.

Germany, with its driver Michael Ammermüller, was excluded from the final main race results. In lap 19, the German team cause an avoidable collision with Great Britain and was sanctioned with a drive-through penalty but in lap 28, Germany reiterate an avoidable collision with Czech Republic. The final results before exclusion of Germany was 13th.

Neel Jani accomplish the perfect weekend with 2 pole positions, 2 wins and 2 fast laps.


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