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2000 Men's World Ice Hockey Championships

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2000 Men's World Ice Hockey Championships

World Championship Group A (Russia)

Final standings
  1.  Czech Republic
  2.  Slovakia
  3.  Finland
  4.  Canada
  5.  United States
  6.   Switzerland
  7.  Sweden
  8.  Latvia
  9.  Belarus
  10.  Norway
  11.  Russia
  12.  Italy
  13.  Austria
  14.  Ukraine
  15.  France — relegated to Division I for 2001
  16.  Japan

World Championship Group B (Poland)

Played April 12–21 in Katowice and Krakow. This was the final year of the qualifying tournaments (except for the "Far East"), so it was a simple matter of the winner being promoted. This was also the final year of the traditional eight team tournament. Beginning in 2001 Group B would be renamed 'Division I' and consist of two six team divisions.


Final Round 17-24 Place

Germany was promoted to the 2001 IIHF World Championship. No team was relegated.

World Championship Group C (China PR)

Played March 20–26 in Beijing. In 1999 Group C was disrupted because of political issues surrounding Kosovo. The IIHF chose to have no team relegated and have Yugoslavia retain their position, the result was a nine team tournament this year. With the forthcoming realignment, four nations had the opportunity to be promoted to Division I, the remaining five would participate in next year's Division II.

Group 1

Hungary was promoted to Division I

Group 2

Croatia came back from a two goal deficit to tie Romania, and thereby clinch a promotion to Division I.

Group 3

China was promoted to Division I.

Consolation Round 28-30 Place

Lithuania was promoted to Division I.

World Championship Group D (Iceland)

Played April 10–16 in Reykjavik. The upcoming realignment meant that seven of the nine teams moved up to "Division II" for 2001.

Group 1

Both Israel and Iceland were promoted to Division II.

Group 2

Both Australia and New Zealand were promoted to Division II.

Group 3

Both Belgium and South Africa were promoted to Division II.

Consolation Round 40-42 Place

Both Luxembourg and Turkey had to stay behind in what was initially called Division II Qualification (later renamed Division III). There was no third team to play against so they both simply skipped a year and joined Division II in 2002


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