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2000 Fort Worth tornado

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Start date  March 28, 2000
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2000 fort worth tornado

The Great 2000 Fort Worth Tornado occurred on March 28, 2000, moving eastward through the downtown area of Fort Worth, Texas (USA).

2000 Fort Worth tornado Fort Worth Tornado March 28 2000

The tornado passed through the west side of Fort Worth at about 6:17 p.m. It tore a 4-mile (5-km) path through the city, blowing out windows and causing significant damage to many of the downtown high rise buildings (including the Bank One building and the headquarters of Cash America International). The tornado dissipated around 6:28 p.m., and at its worst, was approximately one-quarter mile wide (0.4 km). The tornado was classified as a low end F3 on the Fujita scale. Two people were killed by the tornado and 80 were injured, with six seriously injured. The heavy rain and hail that followed damaged many interior areas of buildings which were exposed by the tornado's winds.

2000 Fort Worth tornado Fort Worth Tornado March 28 2000

The storm system spawned a second tornado which moved through Arlington and Grand Prairie. The second tornado caused a mile long track of damage mainly through residential areas, leaving 80 people homeless. The storm system caused approximately $500 million in damage to Tarrant County in year 2000 values.

2000 Fort Worth tornado The March 28th Tornado 20002010 Fort Worth Grapevine mattress

A KXAS outdoor camera in downtown Fort Worth broadcast parts of the tornado coverage on live TV during the 6 p.m. weather segment.

2000 Fort Worth tornado Fort Worth Tornado March 28 2000

This is not the first time the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex was hit by a significant tornado. Another notable tornado hit Dallas on April 2, 1957. That tornado, which killed 10 people, was among the most photographed tornadoes of the 20th century.

2000 Fort Worth tornado 2000 Fort Worth tornado Wikipedia
2000 Fort Worth tornado Fort Worth Tornado March 28 2000 1820 hours


2000 Fort Worth tornado Wikipedia

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