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2 Iminothiolane

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Solubility in water  100 kg/m³
Appearance  Powder
2-Iminothiolane Pierce Traut39s Reagent 2iminothiolane Thermo Fisher Scientific

2-Iminothiolane is a cyclic thioimidate compound also known as Traut's reagent. It is a thiolating reagent that reacts with primary amine groups, such as those of amino acids, to form sulfhydryl groups.

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2-Iminothiolane reacts witih primary amines efficienty at pH 7 to 9, creating aminidine compounds with a sulfhydryl group. Thus it allows for crosslinking or labeling of molecules such as proteins through use of disulfide or thioether conjugation. It was first used to thiolate a subunit of ribosome in E. coli in 1973 by Robert Traut, its namesake, and his colleagues.

It also reacts with aliphatic and phenolic hydroxyl groups at high pH, albeit at a much slower rate.

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2-Iminothiolane A Human FabBased Immunoconjugate Specific for the LMP1
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2-Iminothiolane Wikipedia

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