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1st Division (Colombia)

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1st Division (Colombia)

The 1st Division (Spanish: Primera División del Ejército Nacional de Colombia) is a Colombian National Army division consisting on two brigades; The 2nd Brigade based in the city of Barranquilla and the 10th Armored Brigade based in the city of Valledupar. Its current commander is general Juan Bautista Yepez Bedoya, an infantry officer.


2nd Brigade

  • 2nd Brigade (Segunda Brigada), headquartered in the city of Barranquilla (Atlantico). Current Commanding Officer, Brigadier General Luis Mauricio Ospina Gutierrez. Area of Operations: Departments (States) of Atlantico, Magdalena, and the southern region of Bolivar. Approximately a total of 67 municipios (counties) located in the Colombian Caribbean Coast.
  • 4th Mechanized Infantry Battalion "General Antonio Nariño" (Malambo)
  • 5th Mechanized Infantry Battalion (Santa Marta)
  • 6th Mountain Infantry Battalion (Fundación)
  • 2nd Brigade Training Battalion (El Cenizo)
  • 2nd Military Police Battalion (Barranquilla)
  • 2nd Engineer Battalion (Malambo)
  • 2nd Combat Service Support Battalion (Barranquilla)
  • Gaula Group “Magdalena” (Santa Marta)
  • Gaula Group “Atlantico” (Barranquilla)
  • 10th Armored Brigade

  • 10th Armored Brigade HQ (Valledupar)
  • Medium Tank Squadron “General Gustavo Matamoros D´Costa” (Uribia)
  • 2nd Mechanized Cavalry Squadron (Buenavista)
  • 6th Mechanized Battalion (Riohacha)
  • 7th Mountain Infantry Battalion (Codazzi)
  • 10th Brigade Training Battalion (La Loma-El Paso)
  • 2nd Artillery Battalion (Valledupar)
  • 10th Field Artillery Battalion (Buenavista)
  • 10th Engineer Battalion (Valledupar)
  • 2nd Infrastructure Protection Battalion (La Jagua de Ibirico)
  • 3rd Infrastructure Protection Battalion (Curumaní)
  • 10th Combat Service Support Battalion (Valledupar)
  • Gaula Group “Cesar” (Valledupar)
  • Gaula Group “Guajira” (Riohacha)
  • Headquarters

    1st Division Headquarters are located in the city of Santa Marta.


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