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1st Commando Brigade (Turkey)

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Active  1965-present
Branch  Turkish Army
Size  Brigade
Country  Turkey
Type  Commando
Garrison/HQ  Kayseri
1st Commando Brigade (Turkey)

The 1st Commando Brigade (Turkish: 1. Komando Tugayı) is a brigade of the Turkish Army, located in Kayseri. Founded as a paratrooper brigade, later it was restructured as a ground force. The 1st Commando Brigade contains special forces teams from other commando brigades like Hakkari Mountain and Commando Brigade. Although formally being a paratrooper brigade Parachuting and para-warfare training is still given in this brigade to every one of its troops, including the special forces Gendarmerie Special Operations Command team within its brigade.

The Brigade was involved in the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, and fought beside airborne commandos (Bolu) and Naval Infantry Brigade (Izmir). It served as a fighting force against the Greek Junta and the Cyprus National Guard. In its efforts the Turkish Army came out victorious in this war. The 1st Commando Brigade also acted as a peace keeping force in the Bosnian War and the War in Afghanistan. It has engaged Kurdish separatists in platoon size forces alongside the Hakkari Mountain and Commando Brigade in operations within and across Turkey's borders into Iraq in anti Insurgency campaign launched by the PKK from Iraq into Turkey.

In its latest engagement, the 1st Commando Brigade along with other Brigades across Turkey deployed troops along the Syrian border. In which causing it to Part in the Syrian–Turkish border incidents during the Syrian Civil War.


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