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1st Airmobile Brigade (Bundeswehr)

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Country  Germany
Branch  German Army
Allegiance  Bundeswehr
1st Airmobile Brigade (Bundeswehr)

Active  3 April 1997–17 December 2013
Type  Stabilisation and intervention forces
Part of  Airmobile Operations Division

The 1st Airmobile Brigade (German: Luftbewegliche Brigade 1) was a brigade in the German Army with its headquarters at the Fritzlar Air Base in North Hesse, It was part of the Airmobile Operations Division (Germany). The various elements of the brigade were located in the federal states of Lower Saxony, Hesse and Bavaria. Parts of the brigade were classed as intervention forces.

In October 2011 the German Federal Ministry of Defence announced a reorganisation/reduction of the German Armed Forces. As a result, 1st Airmobile Brigade was disbanded on 17 December 2013.


The following commanders have led the Brigade:

Colonel Mittelberg was acting commander until the disbanding of the brigade.


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