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1999 Glasgow Airport Cessna 404 crash

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Fatalities  8
Aircraft type  Cessna 404 Titan
Registration  G-ILGW
Number of deaths  8
Survivor  3
Flight origin  Glasgow Airport
Survivors  3
Operator  Edinburgh Air Charter
Date  2 September 1999
Destination  Aberdeen Airport
Crew count  11
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The 1999 Glasgow Airport Cessna 404 crash occurred on 3 September 1999.

The crash occurred on takeoff from Glasgow Airport. Involved in the crash was a Cessna 404 Titan aircraft registered as G-ILGW. Operated by Edinburgh Air Charter as Flight 3W (callsign Saltire 3 Whiskey) it was carrying aircraft cabin crew from holiday company Airtours and was on the way to Aberdeen Airport when the accident happened. The crew were travelling to Aberdeen to crew a holiday flight on a Boeing 757 to Parma. Eight people were killed in the accident and three survived.

The left engine failed and the commander feathered the right engine. Instead of attempting a crash landing, the commander attempted to return to Glasgow Airport without engine power and lost control while trying to make a right turn. The aircraft crashed and caught fire approximately one nautical mile from the airport. The aircraft was slightly overweight for the conditions. A report recommended engine inspections, more crash-worthy seats, and consideration to fitting aircraft like this with CVRs.

As a result of this accident an airworthiness directive was issued by the British Civil Aviation Authority in June 2000, requiring inspections of the starter adapters and crankshaft gears on Continental GTSIO-520 series engines.


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