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1997 Colombo World Trade Centre bombing

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1997 Colombo World Trade Centre bombing

The Colombo World Trade Centre Bombing was a terrorist attack carried out by the LTTE during the Separatist civil war in Sri Lanka between the government and the Tamil Tigers.

The attack took place on October 15, 1997, in the Sri Lankan city of Colombo. The LTTE drove a container truck laden with explosives into the car park of the Galadari Hotel; they then detonated it by firing RPGs at it. The car park is next to the rear of the Colombo World Trade Centre, twin 39-story towers that housed the Colombo Stock Exchange and the Information Ministry at the time. Since the Colombo World Trade Centre was inaugurated a few days before, it was suspected to be the main target of the LTTE. After the initial blast, three attackers entered the five-story building that houses Sri Lanka's state-run newspapers. Fighting continued in the building with commandos raiding it.

The attack killed 15 people and 105 were wounded including several British tourists. ASP (CID) Nissanka Dharmaratne, a police constable and Army Commando were killed as well Viharadhipathi (Chief Priest) of the Sambuddhaloka Ven. Vitharandeniye Thera and a foreigner.


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