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1993 United States motorcycle Grand Prix

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Date  September 12, 1993
Rider  Mick Doohan
Rider  Kevin Schwantz
Location  Laguna Seca
Time  1:26.417
1993 United States motorcycle Grand Prix
Course  Permanent racing facility 3.602 km (2.238 mi)

The 1993 United States motorcycle Grand Prix was the penultimate round of the 1993 Grand Prix motorcycle racing season. It took place on September 12, 1993, at Laguna Seca.

500 cc race report

Everyone now knows Wayne Rainey’s career is over after his crash the previous round and that Kevin Schwantz is the 1993 world champion.

Kenny Roberts on the question of retiring: “I’ve thought about it the last week, but Wayne wants to work in Grand Prix racing. That’s going to keep the edge sharp, because he wants to help the team, he wants to help riders, he wants to follow along in what I’ve done. And that’s going to keep me involved. Wayne’s a big, big part of my team, and if he was disgusted with the whole thing, then yeah, it’d probably take a lot of the edge off. And he doesn’t show any signs of that and that’s probably going to keep me involved, otherwise I ... well, you know, I can do anything I want to do, but he’s a driving force right now.”

Schwantz on winning the championship: “Everybody’s thinking about Wayne, and we all wish Wayne and Shae and Rex the best, but at the same time, I feel like we raced all season ... to put ourselves in a position to be there to take advantage of any opportunities, any doors that were open. I feel like we still earned it — we weren’t given it.”

Rainey: “Kevin called. I said to him: You deserve it. And hey, I made the mistake. It doesn’t take anything away from what you did to win your championship.”

John Kocinski takes the start from Mick Doohan, Schwantz and Alex Barros.

Teammates Schwantz and Barros pass Kocinski.

Barros starts to pull away, and at Turn 11, Kocinski tries an inside pass on Schwantz that doesn’t quite stick allows Doohan to come up and they go down the straight 3 abreast. Schwantz stays to the inside and takes the hairpin ahead of Doohan and Kocinski.

Doohan gets past Schwantz and hunts down Barros and takes the lead. Kocinski also passes Barros.

Doohan’s bike hops a bit on the exit of The Corkscrew and he loses his footing and almost rides it side-saddle but clips the hay bales on the left side of the track with his shoulder. He’s almost hit by two bikes as he slides into the track, and gets up but looks to be in pain.

Kocinski’s win is Cagiva’s first dry win in GP racing; Eddie Lawson won a wet race last year, but a lucky tire choice was seen as the main reason for the win.


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