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1990 October Revolution Parade

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1990 October Revolution Parade

The 1990 October Revolution Parade was the last parade commemorating the 1917 October Revolution during the Soviet Union's existence. It celebrated the 73rd anniversary of the revolution. It was the first and last parade attended by Mikhail Gorbachev in his position as President of the Soviet Union. At the chimes of the Kremlin Clock, Gorbachev gave an address to the nation. It would be the first and last time a Soviet leader made an address on Lenin's Mausoleum during an October Revolution parade. After the anthem was played, the commander of the parade Colonel General Nikolai Kalinin reported to the parade inspector Marshal of the Soviet Union Dmitry Yazov. Providing the music for the parade was the head of the central orchestra of the Moscow Military District, Major General Nikolai Mikhailov.

Full order of the marchpast

At the front of the parade was the limousine carrying the commander of the parade Colonel General Nikolai Kalinin.

Massed Bands

  • Corps of Drums of the Moscow Military College
  • Massed Military Bands of the Moscow Military District
  • Ground Column

  • M. V. Frunze Military Academy
  • V. I. Lenin Political Academy
  • Military Engineering Academy Felix Dzerzhinsky
  • Military Armored Forces Academy Marshal Rodion Malinovskovy
  • Military Medical Academy
  • Military Academy of Chemical Defense and Control
  • Yuri Gagarin Air Force Academy
  • Prof. Nikolai Zhukovsky Air Force Engineering Academy
  • M. V. Frunze Naval College
  • Moscow Border Guards Institute of the Border Defence Forces of the KGB "Moscow City Council"
  • Suvorov Military Academy
  • Nakhimov Naval School
  • Moscow Military High Command Training School "Supreme Soviet of the Russian SFSR"
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