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1990 London summit

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Host country  United Kingdom
Cities  London
Date  5–6 July 1990

The 1990 London summit was the 10th NATO summit since 1949, and the 4th in 6 years. It was held in London on 5–6 July 1990. The principal outcome of the summit was the London Declaration on a Transformed North Atlantic Alliance.

The declaration, shaped in the midst of a changing Europe, called for substantial changes in the organization to ensure it could adapt to a rapidly evolving political landscape. Additionally, the declaration called for reductions in short-range nuclear capabilities, and re-focusing its long-term strategic plans with associated changes to the structure and quantity of its military.

Notably, the declaration also reinforced a message given days earlier stating that NATO no longer saw the Warsaw Pact countries as enemies,< and opening up channels for communication and aid with the former eastern bloc states.


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