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1985 Muttur massacre

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Non-fatal injuries  Unknown
1985 Muttur massacre
Location  Muttur (Sri Lanka), Eastern Province, Sri Lanka
Date  8–11 November 1985 (+8 GMT)
Target  Primarily Sri Lankan Tamil Civilians
Deaths  At least 30 (Possibly 100+)
Perpetrators  Sri Lankan Army, Sri Lankan Navy, Sri Lankan Air Force

The 1985 massacre in Muttur was a slaughter of Tamil civilians in the town of Muttur in Eastern Province, Sri Lanka. The massacre occurred when all three divisions of the Sri Lankan military attacked the town by land, air and sea. The motive of the attacks was deliberately aimed at slaughtering ethnic Tamils, who formed the local population in the region. The killings lasted for 3 days from 8 November to 11 November.


Civilians were shot and killed and burnt with their houses. Over 30 people were confirmed to have been killed. And over 70 others who have been arrested or have been forcibly disappeared were not accounted for. Several others who attempted to escape and those who sought refuge at temples were also killed.


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