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1982 French Grand Prix

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Date  July 25, 1982
Course length  5.809 km (3.61 mi)
Location  Paul Ricard Circuit
Weather  Dry
1982 French Grand Prix
Course  Permanent racing facility
Distance  54 laps, 313.686 km (194.94 mi)

The 1982 French Grand Prix was a Formula One motor race held at Paul Ricard on July 25, 1982. Six turbo-charged cars completed the first 6 grid positions, and 4 turbo-charged cars driven by 4 French drivers finished in the top 4 places, and the French Renault team finished 1-2 with René Arnoux winning and Alain Prost finishing second, but under sour circumstances- as Arnoux violated a pre-race agreement that if he and Prost were 1st and 2nd, Arnoux would let Prost by to help his better championship standing.

Jochen Mass and Mauro Baldi collided at Signes and Mass's car went through the catch fencing into the tyre walls, catapulted itself into the crowd and caught fire. No one was hurt, apart from Mass, who had burns on his hands. The West German driver retired from Formula One immediately after this crash.

Championship standings after the race

  • Note: Only the top five positions are included for both sets of standings.
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