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1981 Azbakiyah bombing

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Location  Syria Damascus, Syria
Attack type  Car bomb
Date  29 November 1981
1981 Azbakiyah bombing
Target  Intelligence agencies complex in al-Azbakiyah neighborhood
Deaths  200+ Syrian civilians and military men
Perpetrators  Syrian Muslim Brotherhood

The 1981 Azbakiyah bombing (Arabic: تفجير الأزبكية‎‎) was a terrorist car bomb attack that rocked the densely populated al-Azbakiyah neighborhood of central Damascus in Syria on 29 November 1981. The explosion, which took place in front of a school in Baghdad Street, close to a complex of intelligence agencies, destroyed three five-story apartment buildings, and killed more than 200 civilians and military men. The attack was blamed on the Muslim Brotherhood which was waging an insurrection against the government of Hafez al-Assad at the time.


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