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1975 in spaceflight

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1975 in spaceflight
Maiden flights  Atlas SLV-3D Centaur-D1AR Delta 3000 Diamant-BP4 Long March 2C N-I Scout F-1 Titan III(34)B

In 1975 several notable events happened in spaceflight such as the launch to Mars of the Viking orbiter/landers missions, the joint Apollo–Soyuz Test Project, and the Venera 9 Venus mission.

  • Viking 1 was launched on 20 August 1975 and Viking 2 was launched 9 September 1975. This orbiter/lander mission was to photograph Mars in detail and to find water and life on the surface.
  • The Apollo-Soyuz saw an end to the space race with the USA and USSR. The mission was launched between 15 July 1975 and 17 July 1975.
  • The Venera 9 mission was launched 8 June 1975 was another successful orbiter/lander mission.
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