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1974 Lima earthquake

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Date  October 3, 1974
Magnitude  Mw 8.1
Areas affected  Peru
Origin time  14:21 UTC
Depth  36 km (22 mi)
Max. intensity  IX (Violent)
1974 Lima earthquake

The 1974 Lima earthquake occurred on October 3 at 14:21 UTC (09:21 local time). It was located at about 80 km southwest of Lima, Peru. The magnitude of the earthquake was put at 8.1 Mw, or Ms 7.8. The earthquake caused 78 deaths and about 2400 injured. The intensity around Lima was generally about MM V to VII, but the maximum reached IX. Two buildings of reinforced concrete collapsed in La Molina, where the intensity was MM VIII to IX. A four-story reinforced concrete building in Callao collapsed.

The largest aftershock occurred on November 9, 1974, at 12:59 UTC (07:59 local time) with a magnitude of Mw 7.1, or Ms 7.1. The November 9 aftershock was located at about 25 km south of the main shock.


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