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1973 Grand Prix (tennis)

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Edition  4th
Most tournament titles  Ilie Năstase (14)
Prize money leader  Ilie Năstase
Tournaments  72
Most tournament finals  Ilie Năstase (17)
1973 Grand Prix (tennis)
Duration  3 January – 26 December

The 1973 Commercial Union Assurance Grand Prix was a professional tennis circuit administered by the International Lawn Tennis Federation (ILTF) which served as a forerunner to the current Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) World Tour and the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) Tour. The circuit consisted of the four Grand Slam tournaments and open tournaments recognised by the ILTF. The Commercial Union Assurance Masters, Davis Cup Final and Federation Cup are included in this calendar but did not count towards the Grand Prix.




List of tournament winners

The list of winners and number of singles titles won, alphabetically by last name:

  • Vijay Amritraj (2) Bretton Woods, New Delhi
  • Arthur Ashe (2) Chicago WCT, Washington, D.C.
  • John Austin (1) Aptos
  • Ross Case (1) Manila
  • Jimmy Connors (10) Baltimore, Roanoke, Salt Lake City, Salisbury, Hampton, Paramus, Boston, Columbus, Quebec, Australian Open
  • Mark Cox (2) Denver WCT, Eastbourne
  • Eddie Dibbs (3) Jackson, Hamburg, Fort Worth
  • Colin Dibley (1) Lacosta WCT
  • Mike Estep (1) Merion
  • Brian Fairlie (1) London WCT
  • Jaime Fillol (1) Tanglewood
  • Tom Gorman (2) Vancouver WCT, Stockholm
  • Brian Gottfried (2) Johannesburg WCT, Las Vegas
  • Clark Graebner (1) Des Moines
  • Jiří Hřebec (1) Prague
  • Jan Kodeš (2) Cologne WCT, Wimbledon
  • Rod Laver (5) Miami WCT, Richmond WCT, Toronto WCT, Hong Kong, Sydney Indoor
  • Sandy Mayer (1) Birmingham
  • Ilie Năstase (14) Omaha, Calgary, Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Madrid, Florence, French Open, Rome, Queen's Club, Gstaad, Cincinnati, Trofeo Godó, Paris Bercy, Masters
  • John Newcombe (2) Jakarta, US Open
  • Tom Okker (6) Washington WCT, Hilversum, Montreal, Seattle, Madrid, London
  • Manuel Orantes (3) Valencia, Nice, Louisville
  • Adriano Panatta (1) Bournemouth
  • Hans-Jürgen Pohmann (2) Berlin, Düsseldorf
  • Raúl Ramírez (2) Kitzbühel, Tehran
  • Marty Riessen (1) Milan WCT
  • Ken Rosewall (4) Houston WCT, Cleveland WCT, Charlotte WCT, Osaka
  • Stan Smith (7) Philadelphia WCT, Atlanta WCT, St. Louis WCT, Munich WCT, Gothenburg WCT, Dallas WCT, Båstad
  • Fred Stolle (1) Christchurch
  • Roger Taylor (2) Copenhagen WCT, Newport
  • Erik Van Dillen (1) Nottingham
  • Guillermo Vilas (1) Buenos Aires
  • The following players won their first title in 1973:

  • Vijay Amritraj Bretton Woods
  • John Austin Aptos
  • Ross Case Manila
  • Eddie Dibbs Jackson
  • Mike Estep Merion
  • Brian Fairlie London WCT
  • Brian Gottfried Johannesburg WCT
  • Jiří Hřebec Prague
  • Sandy Mayer Birmingham
  • Adriano Panatta Bournemouth
  • Hans-Jürgen Pohmann Berlin
  • Raúl Ramírez Kitzbühel
  • Erik Van Dillen Nottingham
  • Guillermo Vilas Buenos Aires
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