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1973 Australian Drivers' Championship

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1973 Australian Drivers' Championship

The 1973 Australian Drivers' Championship was a CAMS sanctioned national motor racing title open to drivers of Australian Formula 1 and Australian Formula 2 cars. It was the seventeenth Australian Drivers' Championship and the championship winner was awarded the 1973 CAMS "Gold Star".



The championship was contested over a five round series with one race per round.

Points system

Championship points were awarded on a 9-6-4-3-2-1 basis for the top six places in each round with all rounds counting towards each driver's points total. Only drivers holding a CAMS General Competition License were eligible to score points.


Note: The Australian Grand Prix was won by New Zealander Graham McRae. However, as the Australian Drivers' Championship was open only to holders of a CAMS General Competition License, 9 points were awarded to the highest placed eligible driver, John McCormack, 6 points to the second highest placed eligible driver etc.

Championship name

Conditions for the championship were promulgated by CAMS under the name "Australian Formula 1 Championship - Gold Star Award", with mention of the requirement for the phrase “Australian Champion Driver” to be reserved exclusively for the winner of the CAMS Gold Star. Historic records published by CAMS use the term Australian Drivers' Championship and that title has been used here.


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