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1962 Mexico City radiation accident

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1962 Mexico City radiation accident
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In March–August 1962, a radiation incident in Mexico City occurred when a ten-year-old boy took home an unprotected industrial radiography source. Four people died from overexposure to radiation from a 5-Ci cobalt-60 capsule, an industrial radiography orphaned source that was not contained in its proper shielding. For several days, the boy kept the capsule in his pocket, then placed it in the kitchen cabinet of his home in Mexico City. Having obtained the source on March 21, the boy died 38 days later on April 29. Subsequently, his mother died on July 10; his 2-year old sister died on August 18, and his grandmother died on October 15 of that year. The boy's father also received a significant does of radiation, however he survived. Five other individuals also received significant overdoses of radiation.


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