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1957 Mongolia earthquake

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Origin time  18:52:52 UTC
Areas affected  Mongolia
Depth  30,000 m
Number of casualties  30
Magnitude  8.1 MW
Max. intensity  XI (Extreme)
Date  4 December 1957
1957 Mongolia earthquake

The 1957 Mongolia earthquake occurred on December 4. The earthquake resulted in thirty deaths, and the destruction of all houses in Dzun Bogd and Bayan Gobi. Subsidence, faulting and fissures occurred in the Bahar Uula and Ih Bogd Uul Mountains. The largest fissure was 250 km (160 mi) long with as much as 9–11 m (30–36 ft) of vertical and 3 m (9.8 ft) of horizontal offset. Because of the extremely sparse population in the area, this is perhaps the least damaging great earthquake to have occurred on land in the 20th Century.


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