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1937 Great Hong Kong typhoon

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Areas affected  Hong Kong Macau Taiwan
Fatalities  11,021
Highest winds  205 km/h
Affected areas  Hong Kong, Taiwan
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Formed  August 28, 1937 (1937-08-28)
Dissipated  September 4, 1937 (1937-09-04)
Lowest pressure  958 hPa (mbar); 28.29 inHg
Date  28 August 1937 – 4 September 1937
Similar  1906 Hong Kong typhoon, Typhoon Rita, Typhoon Irma, Typhoon Koryn, Typhoon Nora

The 1937 Great Hong Kong Typhoon was an unnamed typhoon in Hong Kong on 2 September 1937. It was one of the worst typhoons in Hong Kong history killing 11,000 people. In Macau, 21 people died by this typhoon.


Victoria Harbour at the time was the seventh busiest in the world. It was always busy with sampans, junks, ferries, cargo ships, ocean liners, yachts and warships. The typhoon wind was so strong that observatory instruments capable of registering winds up to 125 mph broke down. Hong Kong Observatory have since recorded the wind with a mean hourly wind average of 59 knots, 68 mph, 109 km/h, a 10-minute mean Wind of 74knots, 85 mph, 137 km/h. The maximum gust was at 130 knots, 149 mph, 240 km/h. The piston of the anemometer hit the stops at 130 knots (240 km/h) and the true maximum gust could not be recorded. The typhoon was so powerful that it caused a 9.1 meter tidal wave that swept through the villages of Taipo and Shatin. The villages suffered massive damage and many fatalities


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