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1934 Australian Grand Prix

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1934 Australian Grand Prix

The 1934 Australian Grand Prix was a motor race held at the Phillip Island circuit in Victoria, Australia on 19 March 1934. The 200 mile race, which was organised by the Light Car Club of Australia, was the seventh Australian Grand Prix. Contested as a handicap race, it was won by Bob Lea-Wright, driving a Singer 9 Le Mans.

Race classification

Of the twenty starters, six completed the course within the prescribed time limit.


  • NC: Not classified
  • DNF: Did not finish
  • DNS: Did not start
  • Notes:

  • Race distance: 31 laps, 206 miles, 321.8 km
  • Winner's race time: 3 hours 12 minutes 10 seconds (63.5 mph)
  • Fastest lap: Bill Thompson, 4 minutes 43 seconds (84 mph)
  • Fastest time: Bill Thompson, 2 hours 37 minutes and 21 seconds (Thompson was awarded the prize for the "Fastest time", this being actual running time, ignoring handicap.)
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