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1934–35 Primeira Liga

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Season  1934–35
Highest scoring  Porto 7-4 União Lisboa
Goals scored  258
Champions  Porto 1st title
Champion  FC Porto
Matches played  56
1934–35 Primeira Liga
Biggest home win  Porto 7-0 Académico do Porto Belenenses 7-0 Académico do Porto
Biggest away win  Académica de Coimbra 0-6 Sporting CP
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The 1934–35 Primeira Liga season was the first season of top-tier football in Portugal. Before the Portuguese football reform of 1938, this was experimental competition and the winners of that competition were named "League champions". Despite that, a Portuguese Championship in a knock-out cup format was the most popular and defined the Portuguese champion.


For the tournament, there were invited 8 clubs from the 4 major Portuguese District Football Associations: 4 teams from AF Lisboa, 2 from AF Porto, 1 from AF Setúbal and 1 from AF Coimra. F.C. Porto won the championship. There wore not relegations neither promotions, since the qualification was based on the results of the Regional Championships.


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