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1933 Swedish Summer Grand Prix

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1933 Swedish Summer Grand Prix

The 1933 Swedish Summer Grand Prix (in Swedish: "Sveriges sommar-Grand Prix för automobiler") was arranged by Kungliga Automobilklubben (the Royal Automobile Club) and held at 6 August on a 29.7 kilometre cricuit at Norra Vram. The circuit was made up at regular countryside roads at a place very close to present day closed circuit Ring Knutstorp in Kågeröd. 12 laps were driven, making it a total of about 350 km.

The lap followed the straight road from Norra Vram south to Södra Vram (now Billesholm) for 1.2 km before a part with more turns towards Kågeröd, were the circuit turned sharply left and started to go north-east uphill for many km. At this part the asphalt ended and the circuit continued on gravel roads. When the circuit reached Stenestad there was another sharp left turn and then there was a long, bendy downhill road back to Norra Vram.

160 policemen and 60 functionaries worked around the race. Astrid Lindgren, who later became a world-famous author of children's books, was race secretary.

The opening lap saw a multi-car pile-up which saw several drivers injured, two seriously, and a riding mechanic was killed. One of the crashed cars started a fire which saw a nearby house burned to the ground. The race continued while emergency services attended the scene and the race was eventually won by Antonio Brivio, driving an Alfa Romeo for Scuderia Ferrari. Major racing came to a halt after that.

Result of the Swedish Summer Grand Prix 1933

Most entrants (as can be seen in the list below) were private entrants.

Fastest lap: Brivo- 13m51s= 128.7 km/h (80.0 mph)


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