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1933 Diexi earthquake

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Origin time  7:50:33 UTC
Depth  15 km (9 mi)
Total damage  Extreme
Magnitude  7.3 Mw
Areas affected  Republic of China
Date  25 August 1933
1933 Diexi earthquake
Epicenter  (Diexi, Mao County, Szechwan)
Similar  1970 Tonghai earthquake, 1920 Haiyuan earthquake, 1966 Xingtai earthquake, 2014 Kangding earthquake, 2008 Damxung earthquake

The 1933 Diexi earthquake occurred in Diexi, Mao County, Szechwan, Republic of China on August 25 with a moment magnitude of 7.3 and a maximum Mercalli intensity of X (Extreme). With up to 9,300 killed, this was the deadliest earthquake of 1933.

This earthquake destroyed the town of Diexi and surrounding villages, and caused many landslides, and killed about 9,000 people. The old town of Diexi sank into the landslide dam-created Diexi Lake.


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