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1926 Arkansas state highway numbering

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Formed:  1926
State:  State Road nn
US Highways:  National Road nn
1926 Arkansas state highway numbering

In 1926, Arkansas renumbered its highways into a more traditional format. The system to be replaced was established in 1924 as Arkansas' first comprehensive highway plan. Roads were designated as "primary federal aid roads", "secondary federal aid roads", or "connecting state roads". The Arkansas State Highway Commission implemented the system of United States Numbered Highways also around 1926, and thus Arkansas decided to number its highways instead of using the "letter-nn" format. This resulted in the first true numbering of state highways in Arkansas.

1926 routes

Note: The links lead to the closest modern-day routing. For example, AR 2 was replaced by U.S. Route 82 in 1932.


1926 Arkansas state highway numbering Wikipedia

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