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1914 Senboku earthquake

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Origin time  05:00
Depth  5 km
Casualties  94 dead, 324 injured
Magnitude  MS 7.0
Areas affected  Japan
1914 Senboku earthquake

Date  March 15, 1914 (1914-03-15)

The 1914 Senbok earthquake (Japanese: 1968年秋田仙北地震) occurred on March 15 at 04:59 local time, or 05:00 local time (on March 14 at 20:00 UTC) according to various sources. The earthquake had a magnitude of MS 7.0.

The epicenter was in Akita Prefecture, Japan. Ninety-four people died and 324 were injured. Senboku District (Japanese: 仙北郡) was seriously effected. The earthquake caused liquefaction. Explosions simultaneous with the earthquake were reported in Mount Asama.


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