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1880 Men's Tennis season

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Duration  12 April – 28 November
Tournaments  19 (Amateur)
Most tournament finals  William Renshaw (2)
Edition  4th
Most tournament titles  William Renshaw (2)
1880 Men's Tennis season

Categories  Important (5) National (1) Regional/State (3) County (4) Local (7)

The 1880 Men's tennis season was the 4th amateur tennis tour held that year. It now incorporated 19 tournaments staged in Australia, Great Britain and Ireland and the United States. The 1880 Wimbledon Championships was won by John Hartley against Herbert Lawford, in the Challenge Round.



Notes 1: Challenge Round: the final round of a tournament, in which the winner of a single-elimination phase faces the previous year's champion, who plays only that one match. The challenge round was used in the early history of tennis (from 1877 through 1921), in some tournaments not all.

* Indicates challenger

Notes 2:Tournaments in italics were events that were staged only once that season

January to March

No events


No events

List of tournament winners

Note: Important tournaments in bold

  • Richard Sears-Boston(1)
  • Francis Benson-Bournemouth-(1)
  • Ernest Renshaw-Cheltenham-(1)
  • William Renshaw-Brighton, Dublin-(2)
  • Dale Womersley-Eastbourne-(1)
  • James Patten McDougall-Edinburgh-(1)
  • A.Jennings-Kempton-(1)
  • Champion Branfill Russell-Leicester-(01)
  • Edward Bennett—Limerick-(1)
  • Herbert Lawford-London-(1)
  • Richard Taswell Richardson-Manchester-(1)
  • Joseph Rainsford-Naas-(1)
  • Joseph Gardner-Stafford-(1)
  • Otway E. Woodhouse-Staten Island-(1)
  • Ernest Maconchy-Torquay-(1)
  • Vere St. Leger Goold-Waterford-(1)
  • John Hartley -Wimbledon-(1)
  • Frank Highett-Melbourne-(1)
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    Source: The Concise History of Tennis


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