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18 May 1811 Medal

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Country  Uruguay
Status  Currently awarded
Type  Military decoration
Established  16 December 1997
18 May 1811 Medal
Eligibility  Uruguayan and foreign military officers and civilians
Awarded for  Outstanding achievement and meritorious service bringing credit upon the Uruguayan Army

The 18 May 1811 Medal (Spanish: Medalla 18 de Mayo 1811) is the second highest military decoration of the Uruguayan Army. The medal was established 16 December 1997 to compliment the Medal of Military Merit, the highest decoration of the Uruguayan Army. The medal is presented in three classes and are awarded based on the rank of the recipient. The medal is awarded to Uruguayan and foreign military officers, as well as civilians, for outstanding achievement and meritorious service.


The design of the medal depicts a four-armed cross of the sun's rays in silver. In the center of the cross is the Artigas' Cockade. The second class medal adds a golden laurel wreath around the cockade, while the first class medal includes the laurel wreath as well as three gold five-pointed start surmounting the cockade.

The ribbon of the medal is 36 mm wide, with a broad central stripe of white, flanked by blue edges, bisected by red stripes. When worn as a service ribbon, the grades of the medal are differentiated by a device. The ribbon for the third class is plain, the ribbon for the second class bears a gold colored laurel wreath device in the center, while the first class service ribbon bears a laurel wreath device surrounding three five-pointed gold stars.


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