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17th Tank Brigade (Ukraine)

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Active  1940–present
Type  Armoured Forces
Size  Brigade
Branch  Ground Forces
Role  Armoured
17th Tank Brigade (Ukraine)
Country  Soviet Union (1940–1991)  Ukraine (1991–present)

The 17th Tank Brigade is a formation of the Ukrainian Ground Forces. The full name of the Brigade is the 17th Separate Kryvyi Rih Tank Brigade. It was formerly known as 17th Guards Tank Division. The Brigade is located in Kryvyi Rih.



The current unit's history stems from the 174th Rifle Division, which became the 20th Guards Rifle Division in 1942. The 20th Guards Rifle Division fought at the Battle of Stalingrad, Krivoi Rog, Odessa, Budapest, and Vienna. It was with the 57th Army of the 3rd Ukrainian Front in May 1945. The history of the postwar 17th Guards Tank Division traces back to the 20th Guards Rifle Division which was active in 1945.

It became the 25th Guards Mechanized Division in 1945, and in 1957 37th Guards Tank Division at Constanza with the 1st Guards Army. The division moved to Kryvyi Rih in 1958 and was subordinated to the 6th Guards Army. In 1960, its 69th Separate Tank Training Battalion was disbanded. On 19 February 1962 the Missile Battalion and the 129th Separate Equipment Maintenance and Recovery Battalion was activated. On 11 January 1965 the 37th became the 17th Guards Tank Division, a designation it would retain until the fall of the Soviet Union. In 1968 the 26th Separate Guards Sapper Battalion became an engineer-sapper battalion. The 44th Separate Chemical Defence Battalion was activated from the chemical defence company in 1972. The 1055th Separate Material Supply Battalion was formed from the separate motor transport battalion. In June 1989, the 1158th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment was transferred to East Germany, and was replaced by the 1069th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment of the 47th Guards Tank Division. The 25th and 92nd Tank Regiments of the mobilization 58th Tank Division replaced the division's 216th Guards and 224th Tank Regiments in June 1990. During the Cold War, the division was maintained at 60% strength.

Still designated a tank division as of Decree N 350/93 (August 21, 1993), when Colonel Ivan Svidi, Commander of the 17th Tank Division, 6th Army Corps, Odessa Military District, became a major-general.

In accordance with Decree 925/98, of 23 August 1998, Division commander Serhiy Andriyovych Harbuz was promoted to Major General.

In September 2003 the division was downsized into a brigade. After the 6th Army Corps was disbanded in 2013, the brigade became part of Operation Command East.

On 18 November 2015 its honorifics "Red Banner Order of Suvorov" were removed as part of an Armed Forces-wide removal of Soviet awards and honorifics. The Kryvyi Rih battle honour, through, remained because Kryvyi Rih is located in Ukraine. On 22 August 2016, its Guards title was removed.

15 personnel from the brigade were awarded state orders and decorations for actions of bravery under the colours in the Donbass War to date.

Current structure

  • 25th Armor Battalion
  • 93rd Armor Battalion
  • 230th Armor Battalion
  • 869th Artillery Regiment
  • 1069th Anti-Aircraft Regiment
  • 145th Reconnaissance Battalion
  • 812th Signal Battalion
  • 1457th Combat Engineer Battalion
  • 44th Chemical Battalion
  • 1055th Supply Battalion
  • 129th Repair Battalion
  • 18th Medical Battalion
  • Past commanders

  • Ilya Prokopievich Alekseenko - Summer 1940 - 1 March 1941
  • Ivan Petrovich Korchagin - 1 March 1941 - 28 August 1941
  • Nikolay Mikhaylovich Dreyer - 25 February 1944 - April 1945
  • Lieutenant Colonel Oleksandr Tarnavskiy - temporary commander 2007
  • Decorations

  • Order of Suvorov (removed)
  • Order of the Red Banner (removed)
  • 15 individual state medals for valor during the Donbass War
  • References

    17th Tank Brigade (Ukraine) Wikipedia

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