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17th Canadian Parliament

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17th Canadian Parliament

The 17th Canadian Parliament was in session from September 8, 1930, until August 14, 1935. The membership was set by the 1930 federal election on July 28, 1930, and it changed only somewhat due to resignations and by-elections until it was dissolved prior to the 1935 election.

It was controlled by a Conservative Party majority under Prime Minister Richard Bedford Bennett and the 15th Canadian Ministry. The Official Opposition was the Liberal Party, led by William Lyon Mackenzie King.

The Speaker was first George Black, and later James Langstaff Bowman. See also List of Canadian electoral districts 1924-1933 for a list of the ridings in this parliament.

It was the third longest parliament in Canadian history.

There were six sessions of the 17th Parliament:

List of members

Following is a full list of members of the seventeenth Parliament listed first by province, then by electoral district.

Electoral districts denoted by an asterisk (*) indicates that district was represented by two members.


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